Terumo to release Japan’s first insulin patch pump next summer


Terumo has obtained permission to manufacture and sell Japan’s first patch-type insulin pump, called the “Medisafe With.” The product offers users greater convenience during their daily activities, by eliminating the need for an insulin supply tube. Terumo aims to release the patch pump in summer 2018, after it becomes eligible for insurance coverage. The product streamlines the insulin supply function of a pump into a patch. It delivers insulin subcutaneously in small amounts, through a needle called a cannula. The patch pump is used by attaching an insulin cartridge, which holds three days’ supply of insulin. The product can be operated by a remote control, without being restricted by clothing or location. It weighs 34 grams, and measures 77.9 mm (length) x 40.1 mm (depth) x 18.9 mm (width).

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