Rigaku Analyzes Unopened Containers for Explosives, Drugs, and Other Contraband

Progeny ResQ CQL,

Rigaku Corporation (headquartered in Akishima, Tokyo) released its Progeny ResQ CQL, a hand-held Raman spectrometer that analyzes the contents of unopened containers to detect explosives, illegal drugs, and toxic industrial chemicals. Its US subsidiary is developing and manufacturing the product. Due to Rigaku using a method that excites light to a wavelength of 1,064 nanometers, a lower fluorescence level, Raman spectrometry does not experience interference. Until now, the measurements had been difficult to gauge because the substances and any impurities that may be present tend to fluoresce easily. More compact than previous models, the spectrometer can be operated through a redesigned LCD panel that works with gloved hands. Preloaded with the capability to identify 13,000 explosives, illegal drugs, and other contraband, the device allows users to download new data sets for free. It is priced at ¥6,900,000. The firm hopes to sell 200 units worldwide during its first fiscal year by targeting the security countermeasures market.

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