ChemicalYamamoto Releases an Electrolytic Solution to Remove Weld Burning from Thick Stainless-Steel Plates

From left, not processed, after sanding, and after processing using the electrolytic solution

ChemicalYamamoto (headquartered in Saeki-ku, Hiroshima) released Super#D&F, an electrolytic solution that can remove welding from thick stainless-steel plates. It removes welds from stainless steel by grinding away the metal weld beads that form the seam. However, the residue from this grinding leaves the metal shiny and stands out, so it becomes a problem when this weakens the anti-erosive layer of the stainless-steel surface. By using an electrode brush for electrolysis on the area where the welding was ground away, the shine will fade from the metal, allowing for the formation of an anti-erosive layer that is equivalent to the original steel. Previously, the firm's older products had been used to remove TIG welding from thin plates. The new product was made in response to the demands of many users who wish to remove MIG welding from thick plates. The price for a one-liter bottle of the product is ¥11,500. The company aims to sell more than 2,000 liters annually.

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