DIC develops non-stick dish to collect cultured cells without damaging them

DIC has developed a cell culture dish, called Cepallet, which has a non-stick bottom surface, enabling cultured cells to be collected easily without damaging them. The product utilizes synthesis and coating technologies from DIC. It is the result of collaborative research with Kyoto University. Cepallet can be used to culture stem cells such as iPS and ES cells, which are expected to have applications in regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The bottom of the dish was treated by using a nano-level coating technology to apply a heat-sensitive polymer coating from DIC, which is designed to change its hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties at a certain temperature. After cells are cultured in a medium at 37 degrees C, close to human body temperature, their removal is facilitated by replacing the medium with a cool medium at room temperature or below.

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