Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions develops system for element extraction in radioactive waste

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions has developed a technology for separating and recovering four elements, including palladium, from high-level radioactive liquid waste, which remains after spent nuclear fuel from power plants is reprocessed. The development would lead to new methods for removing and disposing of nuclides with long half-lives from radioactive liquid waste. In addition to long-lived fission products with half-lives measured in hundreds of thousands of years, high-level radioactive waste contains isotopes of useful elements, such as palladium, selenium, cesium, and zirconium. Toshiba’s new technology combines several separation methods to recover each of the four elements separately as a metal sample. Due to the liquidity of the waste hardly changing with each separation process, the amount of secondary waste can be reduced, with no effect on postprocessing.

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