iPS dendritic cell vaccine effective against cancer in digestive organs – Wakayama Medical University

(Dendritic cells obtained from iPS cells, provided by Wakayama Medical University)

At Wakayama Medical University, a research group including Professor Hiroki Yamaue and Associate Professor Toshiyasu Ojima has confirmed that dendritic cells derived from iPS cells have a vaccination effect against solid tumors in digestive organs. The researchers obtained dendritic cells from iPS cells derived from the skin fibroblasts of healthy people. They then introduced a carcinoembryonic antigen that is a tumor marker expressed in solid tumors in digestive organs and is also an antigen gene, to create an iPS-DC vaccine containing tumor information. In in vitro tests, the researchers planted iPS-DC in CEA-expressing tumor cells, and confirmed that it attacked the tumor cells through T lymphocytes. In genetically modified mice, a strong anti-tumor effect was similarly observed using subcutaneous tumor models derived from colon cancer cells. Such an effect was found in tumors in digestive organs, as well as melanomas, for which the effect had already been confirmed.

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